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Welcome to my page,

I'm Xtreme, and I am thankful that you came to visit and check me out. I am a husband, father, pastor, producer, and artist. But most of all, I am a man of God. Jesus is my Lord and you will hear that in my lyrics. That doesn't make me perfect, it just shows that I am not, therefore I need someone who is... and that someone is Jesus!

My music is uplifting, encouraging, and a tool for hope. In a world where hope seems to have a tremendous lack, I make a strong effort to give it back to those it may have been stolen from. In a world where music is almost completely poisonous, I offer along with some others once again, music that will bring healing for the deadly venom that is constantly pumped into your spirit, soul, and body.

My music is pretty straight forward, its not laced with swag, an alter ego, or fiction stories. I am passionate about my God, His people, and the music I make. Everything that was put in me is for someone else. I have no right to keep what I know to myself.

I Hope you take a listen to the music I make, I hope you enjoy it and that it will comfort you in some way or form. If you like my music, please become a VIP member and you can receive some free gifts. Also, don't forget to support what I do by purchasing a CD or one of my soon to come Kingdombringers Personal Products that I designed myself or click the support button. So keep your eye out for that, right here on XTREMEFLOW!

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XTREME DaMessenger

The Word of God doesn't need our help it needs our VOICE!!!

So, Xtreme drops a lyrical message of your new position as a Christian in Christ not where you were. We are made a new creation in Christ, so we are not just a sinner saved by grace. Either we are sinners or we are saved. You can't be both. It's time we identify with who we are!!!

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