Kingdom State of Mind

from by Artist XTREME DaMessenger

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Kingdom State of Mind

Where’s Your Mind At, What You Think’n On, What You Think’n On (X2)

1st Verse

Here’s Something For You Tweeters, So Tweet This,
I May Not Be Your Favorite M.C. Or Make Your A List, But I Do This Regardless
Don’t Do It For The Fame Or The Money, But The Lifeless
So If Your Look’n For Swag, You Won’t Feel Me, Think I’m Bout To Brag On Myself
I Aint The One “B”, Jesus Christ Is The One That Gives Life
I Can’t Do A Thing Without Him In My Sight, And if I Do, I Can’t Maintain It
It Aint Worth Lose’n My Soul To Sustain It, I’m Move’n Hope Like Dope
Some Ask Am I Offended By Rejection Nope, Many Won’t Believe that’s What He Said
We All Have Choice And He Chose To Have His Blood Shed, It Was Done For You And I, No Lie
You Better Switch Sides Cause It’s Too Late When You Die


Where’s Your Mind At, What You Think’n On, What You Think’n On (X2)
I Got A Kingdom State Of Mind

2nd Verse

There’s A War Go’n On, I Said That In Another Song
But Many Still Chose To Live A Life That’s Wrong, Who Do We Think We Are, Mr. Big Stuff
We Only Got This Far, Cause He’s Patient Enough, To Let His Love Draw Us In
Then The Spirit Will Began To Make A Change From Within
You Only Have One King, Cause The Second Got A Vision To Do His Own Thing
Yeah You Know What I Mean, So Who You Gone Serve, The Hater Or Creator
Many Say They Got Your Back When It Gets Hard, But Aint Nobody Stand’n With You Before God
See His Ways Are Higher Than Our Ways, And His Thoughts Are Higher Than Our Thoughts
Cause Most People Are Think’n Of Get’n Paid, But Very Few Are Concerned With Their Faults


Where’s Your Mind At, What You Think’n On, What You Think’n On (X2)
I Got A Kingdom State Of Mind

3rd Verse

I See The Life Dealt Issues, Sometimes We Need Help Or It’ll Get You
To The Point Where you Might Need A Tissue
Break You Down To A Grain Or A Molecule Feel’n Unapproved, I Don’t Have To Wear Name Brand
I’m Not Programmed, You Don’t Have To Understand I’m A Free Man
Got the Power And The Spirit To Expand, On What I Say And Think, That I Might Stand
And After All Of That I Just Withstand, Cause I Know That My Life Is In His Hands
Jesus Got Me His Work Is Never Sloppy, Satan Hates Me He Wish That He Could Take Me
So I Thank My Father For His Protection, Cause I Know It’s Out Of Love And Affection
Yeah He Gave Me All Things To Enjoy But At The End Of the Day, Only He’s My Joy


from Refocus, released November 5, 2016
Written and Produced by XTREME



all rights reserved


XTREME DaMessenger


The Word of God doesn't need our help it needs our VOICE!!!

So, Xtreme drops a lyrical message of your new position as a Christian in Christ not where you were. We are made a new creation in Christ, so we are not just a sinner saved by grace. Either we are sinners or we are saved. You can't be both. It's time we identify with who we are!!!
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